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for managing expense reports.
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For companies with staff in mobility making expense reports

The most innovative solution for the management of expense reports for all the employees of a company. From now on, you no longer have to spend time to fill out tedious forms or spread sheets weekly or monthly or after every trip. From their smartphones, employees take pictures to tickets and invoices that they are paying and the expense reports are generated automatically and in real time. The company visualizes and manages the costs of all their workers, also in real time.

Approved by the Spanish Tax Agencyagencia-tributaria-blanco


EXACCTA Xpens integrates with the leading ERP´s of the market. Running in SaaS mode or on the client´s servers (On Premise).


Conversion to € in real time through the change of the European Central Bank.


Mobility technology unique in the market worldwide.

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The most advanced solution for expense management.

Recover the VAT of all your workers

Did you know that Exaccta Xpens allows VAT recovery of all the costs of your workers?

Exaccta Xpens, allows grouping expenses by suppliers quickly and easily and manage the VAT refund of these through our partners.

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